Negotiation Skills Course

Join the negotiation skills course and learn practical tactics to navigate complex negotiations and win more deals.

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Negotiation Skills Course

€ 897
This course includes:
8 hours of live training
4 hours of self-paced learning
Roleplays and hands-on projects
Personalized homework
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Become a master negotiator and take your business development career to the next level

Build trust for long-term success

Master the art of win-win negotiations, learn trust-building techniques, and achieve your business development goals

Effective Communication and Influence:

Enhance your communication skills to become a persuasive negotiator. Explore the art of active listening, effective questioning, and non-verbal communication to build rapport with stakeholders. Gain the ability to influence decision-makers positively, fostering stronger relationships and increasing the likelihood of successful negotiations.

Adaptability in Complex Negotiations:

Acquire the skills to navigate the complexities of diverse negotiation scenarios. From handling tough counterparts to managing unforeseen challenges, learn to adapt your approach dynamically. Develop resilience and versatility to confidently address any negotiation hurdle, ensuring you remain agile and effective in the ever-evolving landscape of business development.

Who is this training for?

Aspiring Business Developers
Business Development Professionals
Sales Professionals
Partnership professionals
Course modules

These modules are included

Foundations of effective negotiation
Strategic planning and preparation
Communication and persuasion techniques
Closing negotiations

Meet your trainer

Hi! My name is Matteo Ogliari
I'm a Senior Sales Manager and Head of the Industrial Sector at an Italian process engineering firm, boasting a 15-year career in technical markets. I specialize in business development, lead market analysis, and manage cross-functional project teams across diverse cultures. I'm passionate about the negotiation process, especially being able to find win-win solutions. My approach is very practical and based on real-life experiences that I'm looking forward to sharing with you.
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Carolina Gonzalez

I have to say that I found not only an understandable and useful method to apply but also found people who enriched my daily experience by sharing their ideas and experiences.

Tasnim Jemli

I highly recommend Lucia's services for fellow female entrepreneurs and business owners seeking comprehensive and empowering guidance.

Baptiste Morch

It was interactive, interesting and it provided me a lot of motivation and confidence to continue growing as a BD manager.

β€œThe sessions were clear, dense, with additional pointers, and left us with an actionable framework that we will not only be able to use, but to replicate in the future.”

Daniel Faloppa

Founder, Equidam


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Negotiation Skills Course
8 hours of live training
4 hours of self-paced learning
Roleplays and hands-on projects
Personalized homework
€ 897
Enroll now