We helped Katharina find a new job 🤩

June 3, 2024

Meet our student: Katharina Pavlin

Katharina is a Slovenian Business Development Professional currently living in The Netherlands. Katharina took our Business Development Certification Program.

She switched career from chemistry to business development and took the course to better understand her role, structure her job and eventually find a new career opportunity.

Learn more about Katharina's challenges and how The BD School helped him fix them.

Why did you decide to change career path?

First of all, I was repelled by the work I was doing in chemistry, being alone in the lab with very little contact with people. I'm quite extroverted by nature, so I was losing energy doing chemistry. Additionally, my mom, who has her own company, inspired me, and I started reading business books in my free time. Various factors influenced my decision to shift from chemistry to business development. I decided to finish my master’s in chemistry but knew I didn't want to do it for the next 40 years.

What were the main challenges you were experiencing before joining The BD School?

The main challenge was the lack of structure in organizing my work. Coming from a chemistry background, it was difficult, especially since the startup I worked for did not provide much guidance on business development. Everyone has their own style of business development, and I was told there’s no set template for it, which was frustrating because I am naturally very structured and needed help organizing my daily activities.

What did you like the most about the training?

I appreciated the personalization of the training. During our sessions, Lucia and I tackled all my current problems, and she really helped me with them. I also loved the templates and spreadsheets in Excel provided, which was music to my ears. Additionally, the guidance and direction I received helped me mentally prepare for my job.

What was your main goal in taking the training?

My main goal was to get structure in my work and solidify my decision to stay in business development rather than returning to chemistry. After my internship, I was unsure about my career path, and the course helped confirm that business development was the right choice for me.

What was the process to get your new job?

I now work as a business development representative at DataSnipper in Amsterdam. It took me about a month of job searching to land this position, and I treated job applications like a full-time job, dedicating at least four to five days a week to it. I leveraged tips from my mentor Mato and Lucia, and used my knowledge as a business developer to search for jobs smartly. The interview process was not long, and I was well-prepared for it.

What are the main takeaways from the training?

The biggest takeaway for me was learning how to structure my day and manage my time effectively. Blocking the calendar for specific activities, establishing efficient processes, and having templates for cold calling or writing emails were extremely useful. These tools helped me develop my soft skills and work more effectively. Additionally, having a mentor like Mato to support me was invaluable.

What would you suggest to someone who's doubting if they want to join The BD School?

I would suggest joining The BD School because you get personalised coaching sessions that address your specific problems, helping you perform better in your job or solidifying your decision to pursue business development. The course provides tools, structures, a knowledge base, and constant learning opportunities, all of which are crucial for success in business development.

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