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Katharina Pavlin

A lovely school that enables you to have a very solid foundation in business development. They are responsive and very friendly!! ❤

Giulio Tanganelli

Lucia from the BD School has been a wonderful teacher and helper in many ways. A lot of eye-opening moments and insightful teachings into how I can improve our inbound leads, outbound emails, and gave me an in depth understanding as to how to create buyer personas. I've already seen the effects her classes have given, not only our day-to-day handling, but also how we tackle larger discussions. Thank you for your time, and you always supplied great energies! Thank you, BD School

Patrisius Djiwandono

The business development course that I took is very helpful in refining my knowledge and skills for teaching entrepreneurship at my university. The trainer is friendly and enthusiastic.

“The sessions were clear, dense, with additional pointers, and left us with an actionable framework that we will not only be able to use, but to replicate in the future.”

Daniel Faloppa

Founder, Equidam