We helped David start his new job with a bang 💥

June 2, 2024

Meet our student: David Eduardo Formacio Mendoza

David is a Mexican Business Development Professional currently living and working between Germany and Malta. David took our Business Development Certification Program.

David switched career from sales in the fashion industry to business development in the biotechnology sector. David took the course before starting his new job so he could prepare at best and get results from the get go.

Learn more about David's challenges and how The BD School helped him fix them.

Why did you join The BD School?

When I saw one of your videos, I realised I was already doing many business development activities, but I lacked structure. I was moving to a new company in a new country, and I wanted to bring more organisation and expertise to my role. That’s when I found The BD School.

What was your main challenge in business development?

My main challenge was the lack of structure in my work. I had a lot of passion and activities that I loved to do, but I needed a plan and structure to bring my expertise and experiences effectively into the new company.

What convinced you to enrol in The BD School course?

The idea of a tailored course was crucial for me. I didn't have much time as I was still working in my previous company while preparing to join the new one. The focus on identifying and addressing my specific gaps, combined with a dynamic, personalised approach, convinced me to enrol.

Can you share more in detail what we did in the course?

The course had a well-structured content and a platform with accessible material. The video calls were helpful, and the platform allowed me to explore topics before and after the calls. The feedback was prompt, and the support was amazing, whether via email or WhatsApp.

What did you like the most about the training?

I liked the collaborative creation process. The templates provided by The BD School could be customised to my specific needs, allowing me to adapt and build on them for my business development tasks. This flexibility made the tools very practical and useful.

Was the training helpful to achieve your goals?

Absolutely. The training equipped me with a structure and plan to bring to my new company. It allowed me to contribute value immediately, and my new team appreciated the business development plan I brought with me. It made the transition smoother and more effective.

How would you describe The BD School learning experience?

I would describe it as an exciting, energetic, and motivating experience with a team of empathetic, enthusiastic, and professional individuals. The passion for teaching and the high level of professionalism were evident throughout the course.

What would you suggest to someone who's doubting if they want to join The BD School?

I would suggest booking a call with Lucia or one of the team members to ask all your questions. They provide good answers, proposals, and innovative ideas. Even if they don't know something immediately, they will research it and get back to you with a well-thought-out response.

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