Our mission

Creating the next generation of business developers and founders using the power of knowledge

Our values

Be honest

Honesty is our success key; we share genuine feedback for growth, prioritize customer needs, and offer real solutions based on true knowledge and learning, because educated honesty empowers.

Be authentic

We champion authenticity, aligning with our true selves to inspire success and encourage our community to fully embrace their genuine ambitions and dreams.

Be creative

We advocate for innovative and creative problem-solving, empowering people to use technology for self-improvement and to craft a unique business development journey that intertwines with personal growth.

Be resourceful

Our mission is to serve our community by offering value in every interaction, supporting those struggling professionally, and advocating for the democratization of knowledge to aid personal and professional progress.

Be ambitious

Embracing ambition and boldness, we experiment fearlessly, valuing learning over mere results, and continually acting to find the best solutions, thereby inspiring our customers through challenges and leading by example.
Our team

On a mission to help you grow

Lucia Piseddu

CEO & Founder

Nathan Bizeul

Social Media Manager

Veena Atmaramani

Content Manager

Augusto Vianna

Business Development Mentor

Morgan Barlet


Martijn de Graaf

Training Facilitator

Gianluca Valentini


Jozef Misik


Shamira Miller

Training Facilitator

Maria Cozza

Business Development Mentor

Julissa Polanco

Business Development Mentor

Milton Salazar

Business Development Mentor

Martina Mantoan

Business Development Mentor

Sep Advani

Business Development Mentor

MariaChiara Celozzi

Business Development Mentor

Matteo Ogliari

Business Development Mentor

Lorena Rodriguez

Business Development Mentor