June 4, 2024

What is Sig_mund?

Sig_mund is a web development agency based in Québec City, Canada. Sig_mund's first focus has been developing websites for a number of customers in the private and public sectors.

However, following the need to work for impact, it has transformed in recent years towards the creation of digital platforms to make a difference in their community.

Sig_mund is now primarily working with institutions and organizations that have social and environmental impact.

The Challenge

When Sig_mund reached out to us business was not going great. Most of the contracts they got until then came from the network of the co-founders and they didn’t have other lead generation channels.

Moreover, Sig_mund wanted to evolve from serving primarily profit-driven private companies and work with organizations and insitutions tackling social causes.

But this came with a big challenge:

How can we change the perception of our company in the market considering we mostly worked with the private sector until now?

By partnering with The BD School, Sig_mund was able to identify new market segments, design a new value proposition and open new lead generation channels to attract the right type of customers.

The Solution

The BD School developed a customized business development training to help Sig_mund position itself and win more impact-driven organizations.

The first module was all about business development strategy. We helped Sig_mund analyze new market trends and identify initiatives that aligned with the company's values and business goals.

We developed a new value proposition and then we designed experiments to acquire new customers in the new segments chosen by Sig_mund.

The Outcome

The training helped Sig_mund design a new go-to-market strategy. Thanks to the training Sig_mind was able to increase their lead generation by 56% and secure contracts with organizations and insitutions tackling societal issues. Just like Sig_mund envisioned to position themselves and grow!

Baptiste Morch' - Business Development Manager at Sig_mund

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