5 Differences between education and training for business development

March 29, 2022
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5 Differences between education and training for business development

What's the difference between education and training? Read below to offer the best option for your business development team

As a manager, you want to provide the most effective learning opportunities to your business development team.

Ideally, you provide them with a form of learning that helps them be more productive and generate more revenue.

But not all types of learning are equal and navigating the L&D space can be quite time-consuming.

We're here to help you identify the 5 main differences between education and training.

So you will be better able to provide the best learning opportunities to your team.

What is training?

Training is the process of learning something. The main goal of training is to learn how to perform a specific skill or behavior.

Through training, your team will learn new skills and behaviors. Training can be personalized and you can use it to fill your skills gap. Or you can opt for specific business development courses with a pre-defined program.

It’s ideal if you want your team to improve fast.

By practicing these skills, your team will become more aware and will perform more effectively.

Training is usually short-term. It prepares your team for the present job. In this way, they can directly improve their performance and productivity at work.

Training usually involves programs for each employee. The goal is to stay competitive in their role by learning new things.

Training can be virtual or in-person and the length of the training varies and it can last from a few days to several weeks or months.

If you work with a corporate training provider, you will be able to fully customize your training. The best solution is always the one that enables you to go very specific. Both in terms of topics, but also format.

That's the case also with our business development training. Get in touch with our team to learn more about the customization options.

What is education?

Education is a systematic process of learning something with the goal of acquiring knowledge.

These can be done in a classroom or any other environment.

Education is a broader concept than training because it helps you learn facts, concepts, and theories. But the use of the knowledge is not always immediate.

Education is usually something your team members will do for themselves and the costs are also on them.

Further, education is typically more long-term and it can take several years.

Education can be a great tool for individuals and you should encourage your team to continuously educate themselves.

Share relevant resources, books, and other forms of content to build a great self-development culture.

5 Differences between education and training

1 - Short-term vs long-term

The first main difference is the length. Training is short-term and very specific, while education is long-term.

2 - Goals of training vs education

Education and Training serve different purposes.

Education is usually less practical than training. In education, you learn about situations and problems in general terms.

In training, you gain skills that can solve problems in practice. So, training offers you more when it comes to practical work.

3 - Scope of education vs training

The third main difference is the scope.

Education is broader and dissects one topic in great detail.

While training is more specific and focused on teaching new skills you need to help your team perform in their job.

4 - The expected outcome of education vs training

Fourth, training and education have different outcomes.

Training is designed to improve your team's performance and productivity.

You can measure the impact of training by running tests or simply benchmarking your team KPIs before and after the training.

On the other hand, the purpose of education is to develop a sense of reasoning and judgment.

It is definitely helpful in business development, however, its impact is less easy to measure.

5 - Ownership of training vs education

The last difference lies in who's responsible for these forms of learning.

Training is usually your responsibility as a manager. It's your goal to equip your team with the right tools to be successful.

You should have a training budget and should seek out the best training offer for your team.

Education on the other hand is the responsibility of your individual contributors. They should build good habits when it comes to self-development.

But ultimately, you can't oblige them to learn if they don't have the right mindset.


Training your business development team must be a priority if you want to get more results.

Effective training will help your team prioritize better their tasks, avoid wasting time on the wrong opportunities, and ultimately, generate more revenue.

However, no training will be effective if you don't build the right culture first.

Encourage your team to learn, foster a growth mindset, and actively engage them in learning opportunities.

If you are looking for a reliable and experienced learning partner, you came to the right place.

In the past 5 years, we trained over 500 business development professionals across the World. We worked with companies like Saint-Gobain, Oseco Elfab, TrendWatching, and many more.

Our approach is very practical and entirely customized to your needs. Because we understand that every company is unique. So should be their business development training.

Visit our corporate training page and book a call with our team to design your learning journey.

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