Difference between education and learning

February 7, 2022
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Difference between education and learning

Do you know the difference between education and learning? Keep reading to find out which one is better for your BD career.

Education and learning seem similar, but we can’t treat them as the same thing. In fact, they work in different ways and what you choose will impact the results you get.

In simple terms:

Learning is a lifelong process of transforming information and experience into knowledge, skills, and behaviours.

On the other hand, education is just one approach to learning. It’s a process where a society passes on the knowledge, values, and skills from one generation to another.

What is education?

Education is a systematized approach to learning. Other people develop, structure, and direct it. We can’t do it ourselves, that’s why we get the education from an outside source. Usually at school, college, university, or corporate training.

So, education is related to classroom learning. It’s all about taking classes and earning credentials. Moreover, it’s about acquiring and proving the acquisition of knowledge and skills.

It’s a formal and temporary process. We get it at some point in our life for instance, as children when we attend elementary school.

In education, we gain knowledge through our teachers or tutors. We can’t educate ourselves without them. Further, the acquired knowledge is measured and you have a clear curriculum to follow.

What is learning?

On the other hand, learning is a mindset. Learning is progressive by itself. It is always in the process of happening. When we are learning, we are actively changing.

We can define learning as the acquisition of new skills, knowledge, and values. Further, learning is an ongoing process. We learn throughout all our lives. And that’s where the term lifelong learning comes from.

Moreover, lifelong learning is a self-motivated education. It is focused on personal development. The purpose of it is to achieve personal fulfillment.

Usually, we bring learning to education. But there are many different ways in which we can learn. For example, you can watch videos, read books, or even just talk to experienced people.

Formal education doesn’t always represent all of these options.

We all have our own interests, goals, curiosity, and motivations. And that is what leads us to learn new things.

To learn something new, you don’t necessarily need formal education. For example, we can develop new skills, such as cooking, on our own.

The difference between education and learning

Both learning and education have a great influence on our minds and character. Also, they are related to the acquisition of knowledge. However, there is a difference in gaining knowledge.

When it comes to learning, we gain knowledge through experience. In education, we gain knowledge through educators.

Furthermore, learning is a basic instinct that we all have, while education is acquired by individuals.

Learning is an informal and ongoing process. On the other hand, education is a formal and temporary process.

The difference between the two also includes an individual’s age. Education depends on our age. We receive it at a certain age. On the contrary, learning has nothing to do with our age. We learn all our lives.

We get education from an outside source. Usually at school or university. And it’s always well organized. On the other hand, learning evolves in the inner self. It is related to an individual’s perception.

Finally, learning is self-motivated, while education is led and caused. Also, we learn because of curiosity and the desire for discovery. However, education is metered and measured and it’s a matter of mechanization.

Even though education and learning seem similar, it’s important to know the difference. Learning is always part of education. But it’s a lot more than education itself. We learn every day. Consciously or unconsciously. Education takes part just at some point in our lives. It’s not constant like learning.

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