+10 Best Business Development Training & Courses in 2024 - with Certification

November 8, 2023
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+10 Best Business Development Training & Courses in 2024 - with Certification

If you are here means that you want to level up your business development skills. You want to train yourself and your team and you wonder: What is the best business development training for teams?

We listed the best business development training and courses for 2024 so you do not have to wonder anymore and you can plan your next move. We categorized them into 2 groups:

We have for you the following training (for teams) and courses (for individuals):

5 Business Development Training (with Certification)

  1. Business Development Professional (Corporate Training)
  2. Business Development Techniques
  3. Business Development Strategy
  4. Global Business Strategies
  5. Advanced Negotiation

7 Business Development Courses (with Certification):

  1. Business Development Manager Course – with Certification
  2. Business Development Soft Skills
  3. LinkedIn for Business Development
  4. Cold Outreach for Business Development
  5. International Business Expansion
  6. Business Development Diploma
  7. Business Planning and Forecasting

Best Business Development Training & Courses in 2024

Why follow a business development training?

Business development is the compass that guides companies toward growth and success. To master this critical skill, the right training can make all the difference. Therefore, in this article, we’ll explore some of the best business development training programs offered by The BD School. Each program equips you with the skills, strategies, and tools to create more value with business development so you can become the best business developer.

In this article, we’ll explore some of the best business development training and courses with certification for 2024. Each business development program we have chosen equips you with the skills, strategies, and business tools that you need.

More details about the best business development training and courses are below.

5 Top Business Development Training (with Certification)

1 – Business Development Professional (Corporate Training)

The BD School offers a unique and tailored approach to Business Development Training that empowers individuals and teams to excel in the complex landscape of business growth.

Our training program stands out for its methodology, which combines customization, practicality, and expertise to create a dynamic learning experience.


  • Online and in-house

Who Is the Business Training For?

The Business Development Training is tailored for:


The core of The BD School’s Customized Business Development Training lies in its adaptable methodology. Here’s an in-depth look at how it works:

  • Fully Customized Business Development Training: The training is designed to be flexible and tailored to the specific needs of each participant or team. Rather than a one-size-fits-all approach, the program draws from a repository of over 70 different modules related to business development.
  • Modular Training: Clients have the opportunity to choose modules that align with their unique challenges, goals, and areas of interest. This modular approach ensures that the training addresses the specific pain points and opportunities faced by individuals or teams.
  • Learning by Doing: The training emphasizes practicality and real-world application. Each module is crafted to provide actionable insights, strategies, and tools that can be immediately implemented to drive growth and success.
  • Mentor Support: The training is facilitated by seasoned business development professionals who bring a wealth of expertise and practical knowledge to the table. These facilitators guide participants through the modules, provide real-life examples, and offer guidance on effective implementation.
  • Interactive Learning: Interactive sessions, case studies, discussions, and hands-on exercises form the core of the training. This engaging format ensures that participants not only understand the concepts but also gain the skills to apply them effectively.


By completing The BD School’s Business Development Training, participants emerge as proficient business developers capable of charting a course toward success. Armed with a robust toolkit of skills, knowledge, and strategies; the graduates of this program are well-equipped to lead their startups through the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead.

The Business Development Training serves as a transformative journey that empowers individuals to thrive in the competitive world of business development.

  • In-depth Business Knowledge: Gain a profound understanding of business development concepts and strategies.
  • Business Strategy Mindset: Develop a strategic mindset to guide your startup’s growth with confidence.
  • Hands-on Business Expertise: Acquire practical skills in market research, value proposition creation, and effective communication.
  • Business Adaptability: Learn to adapt your strategies based on market feedback and evolving KPIs.
  • Networking Opportunities: Connect with like-minded professionals and potential collaborators in the startup ecosystem.

The effectiveness of The BD School’s approach is underscored by its successful partnerships with leading companies. Teams from renowned organizations like Saint-Gobain, OsecoElfab, and ELM Company have benefited from the tailored training. This speaks to the versatility of the program and its ability to cater to diverse industries and challenges.


The pricing details for this comprehensive training program are available upon contacting The BD School.

Link: Business Development Training


2 – Business Development Techniques Training

Business Development Techniques

Who Is the Business Training For?

This program is designed for individuals who need a fundamental understanding of business development techniques and how to apply them in various fields such as business, management, entrepreneurship, or leadership. It covers a wide range of topics related to business development, including communication skills, negotiation rules, stress management, and more.

Entry Requirements

  • Education: Applicants should have an undergraduate degree or equivalent higher education qualification, or relevant work experience.
  • English Language Proficiency: A Common European Framework (CEF) Level B2 or equivalent in English is required. All teaching and learning materials are provided in English. Applicants with a B1 level of English and proof of further study may also be considered.

Methodology and modules

This business training is given On-site or Online.

  • Effective communication skills and negotiation
  • Advanced Business Development Strategies
  • Business Performance Management
  • Business Leadership
  • CRM System Training


  • Understand the fundamentals of business development.
  • Develop a solid understanding of Harvard’s Principled Negotiation Technique.
  • Examine and critically evaluate different business development techniques and strategies.
  • Deep understanding of Salesforce Customer Relationship Management System (CRM)


The pricing of this course is GBP 1150,-

Training Created by: London School of Business and Finance


3 – Business Development Strategy Training

Business Development Strategy course

This Business Strategy Training by the University of Harvard is an online course that provides the capacity to think and act strategically. It offers a productive, easy-to-grasp structure adopted by some top international companies to create value and attain excellent financial outcomes.

Who Is the Business Training For?

  • Business Development Professionals with +5 Years of experience
  • Business General Managers
  • Business Consultants
  • Business Investors

Methodology and modules

Format: Fully Online.

  • Creating Value for Customers
  • Adding Value Through Complements
  • Competing with Network Effects
  • Creating Value for Talent
  • Mastering Productivity
  • Implementing Strategy


At the end of the training you will have:

  • Business leadership
  • Ability to discover business opportunities
  • Research-based business strategies
  • High level of understanding of business tools of business strategies
  • Creative methods to provide value to customers, employees, and suppliers
  • Long-term business mindset based on networking and relationship building


USD 1750,-

Training Created by: Harvard University


4 – Global Business Strategies Training

Global Business Strategies Training

The Diploma in International Business & Strategy of the Swiss School of Business and Management will get you ready for work in the business world. This course is intended for those in management at a strategic level. At the end of the course, you will know how to apply business strategies locally and internationally.

Who Is the Business Training For?

  • High potentials looking to accelerate their development as business leaders
  • Executives in functions such as HR and IT looking to improve their ability to act as business partners within their organizations
  • Those responsible for B2B client relationships looking to deepen their customer understanding and position themselves as strategic partners

Methodology and modules

This training is online. All training modules can be done in one’s own time and speed. This training is made for professionals and has high completion rates. The training modules are:

  • Strategic Risk Management
  • Financial Management
  • Leadership
  • Business Strategy


At the end of the training you will have:

  • Business development diploma
  • High level of knowledge in business leadership
  • Financial proficiency to be applied directly to business strategies
  • Growth techniques to boost the organization’s results


The price of this course is EUR 699,-

Training created by the Swiss School of Business and Management


5 – Advanced Negotiation Training

Advanced Negotiation Training

This training in Advance Business Negotiation by Harvard University helps you to develop more advanced negotiating capabilities for real-life business scenarios such as a large business deal that impacts multiple stakeholders.

Who Is the Business Training For?

The professionals that enrol in this business training will have to master fundamental concepts of business negotiation such as Best alternative to a negotiated agreement (BATNA), Worst alternative to a negotiated agreement (WATNA), Target point, Resistance point, etc. If you do not have these concepts clear then we advise you to take a look first at the course: Negotiation Skills: Strategies for Increased Effectiveness. The intended profiles for this training are:

  • Professionals in business, industry, government, and non-governmental organizations
  • account executives, contract managers, and individuals in mid- or senior-level sales positions.
  • Business professionals working with multiparty deals and international and complex negotiations.
  • Hiring managers and HR executives
  • Lawyers, mediators, and consultants

Methodology and modules

This training is given online and on-site. The training modules will focus on:

  • The negotiation process
  • Developing offers and influence
  • System 2 Thinking and controlling the optics
  • Addressing cognitive errors, perceptions, and biases
  • Mastering sequencing, mapping parties, and interests
  • Communicating more effectively and motivating others
  • Analyzing interests, constraints, alternatives, and perspectives
  • Creating new insights into cross-cultural negotiation strategy
  • Mastering the principles of influence: preparing your argument and your audience
  • Successfully addressing the challenges of multiparty/multi-issue negotiations


At the end of the training you will be able to:

  • Improve business results
  • Boost your bargaining power
  • Identify and eliminate barriers to success
  • Develop more effective and focused thinking
  • Communicate more effectively and influence others
  • Negotiate across international or cultural boundaries
  • Design and execute more effective negotiation strategies


  • On campus: $2,990 for 2024 (travel costs not included).
  • Online: $2,750 for 2024.

Training created by Harvard University


7 Business Development Courses (with Certification)

1 – Business Development Manager Course – with Certification

Business Development Manager Course - with Certification

The BD School’s Business Development Course is a comprehensive and structured program designed to equip business professionals with the essential skills, strategies, and insights needed to excel in the dynamic field of business development.

This course stands out for its practical methodology, diverse benefits, tangible outcomes, and suitability for a wide range of participants. This course provides a Certificate of Achievement.

Who Is the Course For?

The Business Development Course is designed for a diverse range of individuals, including:

  • Business Development Professionals: Business Development Managers, Business Development Representatives (BDRs), Business Development Executives, and other similar job titles
  • Aspiring Business Developers: Those seeking to enter the business development field and lay a strong foundation.
  • Sales Professionals: Salespersons looking to expand their skill set and enhance their ability to identify and capitalize on opportunities, for example: Sales development representatives (SDRs).
  • Entrepreneurs: Startups and small business owners aiming to accelerate growth through effective business development strategies.

Entry Requirements

You don’t need any requirements to enrol in this course.


The Business Development Course is built on a pragmatic methodology that focuses on real-world application. Here’s how it works:

  • Holistic Learning: The course covers a wide spectrum of business development aspects, including market research, lead generation, negotiation skills, strategic planning, and more.
  • Interactive Modules: The program features interactive modules that combine theoretical knowledge with practical exercises, case studies, and discussions.
  • Expert Instruction and Mentorship: Facilitated by seasoned business development professionals, the course delivers insights based on their industry expertise and real-life experiences.
  • Hands-On Projects: Participants engage in hands-on projects that simulate real business scenarios, providing a platform to apply the skills learned and gain valuable experience.


Upon completing the course, participants can expect several tangible outcomes:

  • Enhanced Business Skills: Participants acquire practical skills in identifying opportunities, building partnerships, and closing deals effectively.
  • Strategic Business Mindmap: The course cultivates a strategic mindset, enabling participants to approach business development with a well-defined plan.
  • Confident Communication: Improved communication skills empower participants to engage with clients, partners, and stakeholders with confidence.


The price for this course is EUR 1,197.00 with the possibility of paying in 3 instalments of EUR 400 each.

Course created by The BD School.


2 – Business Development Soft Skills Course

2 - Business Development Soft Skills Course

The Soft Skills Course by The BD School is a comprehensive training program that focuses on developing essential interpersonal and communication skills critical for success in business development.

This course is structured with a unique methodology, offers a range of benefits, aims for specific outcomes, targets a diverse audience, and provides value through its investment. This course provides a Certificate of Achievement.

Who Is the Course For?

The Soft Skills Course is valuable for a diverse range of individuals, including:

  • Business Development Professionals: Those looking to enhance their ability to build relationships, communicate effectively, and negotiate successfully.
  • Sales Teams: Salespersons aim to connect with clients, understand their needs, and tailor their approaches accordingly. For example: Sales development representatives (SDRs).
  • Team Leaders: Managers seeking to create cohesive teams by improving their team members’ communication, collaboration, and emotional intelligence.


The Soft Skills Course employs an interactive and experiential methodology to enhance participants’ soft skills:

  • Practical Business Modules: The course covers a range of soft skills, including communication, negotiation, teamwork, and emotional intelligence, through practical modules and real-life scenarios.
  • Interactive Business Case Studies: Participants engage in role-playing, group discussions, and simulations to practice and refine their soft skills.
  • Expert Guidance and Mentorship: Facilitators, experienced in soft skills development, guide participants in understanding and applying these skills effectively.
  • Feedback and Reflection: Regular feedback sessions allow participants to assess their progress and identify areas for improvement.


Completing the Soft Skills Course results in several measurable outcomes:

  • Refined Communication: Participants become proficient communicators who can convey ideas with clarity and conviction.
  • Effective Collaboration: Enhanced collaboration skills lead to more harmonious team dynamics and productive interactions.
  • Confident Negotiation: Participants can confidently engage in negotiations, achieving mutually beneficial outcomes.
  • Elevated Emotional Intelligence: Improved emotional intelligence allows participants to understand and manage emotions, fostering stronger relationships.


The price for this course is EUR 249.

Course by The BD School


3 . LinkedIn for Business Development Course

LinkedIn for Business Development Course

The LinkedIn for Business Development Course, offered by The BD School, is a comprehensive training program designed to empower participants with the skills and strategies needed to leverage LinkedIn effectively for business growth and development. This course employs a unique methodology, offers a range of benefits, aims for specific outcomes, caters to a specific audience, and provides valuable insights for its investment. This course provides a Certificate of Achievement.

Who Is the Course For?

The LinkedIn for Business Development Course is tailored for individuals who want to leverage LinkedIn for their business growth and development:

  • Business Development Professionals: Those responsible for expanding their company’s network and generating leads.
  • Sales and Marketing Teams: Teams aiming to use LinkedIn to reach potential clients and boost brand visibility.
  • Entrepreneurs: Startup founders seeking to establish a strong online presence and connect with industry peers.


The LinkedIn for Business Development Course follows a practical and hands-on methodology that focuses on utilizing LinkedIn as a powerful tool for business growth:

  • Strategic Business Profiling: The course guides participants in creating a compelling and professional LinkedIn profile that aligns with their business goals.
  • Targeted Networking: Participants learn how to strategically connect with relevant professionals, potential clients, and partners to expand their network.
  • Content Creation Frameworks: The course teaches participants how to curate and share valuable content that positions them as thought leaders in their industry.
  • LinkedIn Engagement Strategies: Participants explore effective engagement techniques, including participating in discussions, joining groups, and utilizing messaging features.


Successful completion of the LinkedIn for Business Development Course leads to specific outcomes that can drive participants’ business development success:

  • Optimized Profile: Participants have a professionally optimized LinkedIn profile that effectively showcases their skills, experience, and business offerings.
  • Expanded Network: Through targeted networking strategies, participants grow their network with relevant connections that can lead to partnerships and collaborations.
  • Content Strategy: Participants develop a content strategy that positions them as thought leaders and engages their network.
  • Enhanced Visibility: By engaging strategically and consistently, participants increase their visibility within their industry and target audience.


The price for this course is EUR 249.

Course by The BD School


4 – Cold Outreach for Business Development Course

Cold Outreach for Business Development

The Cold Outreach Course by The BD School is a comprehensive training program designed to equip participants with the skills and strategies needed to effectively engage in cold outreach, a crucial aspect of business development.

This course employs a distinctive methodology, offers a range of benefits, aims for specific outcomes, caters to a specific audience, and provides valuable insights for its investment. This course provides a Certificate of Achievement.

Who Is the Course For?

The Cold Outreach Bootcamp is tailored for individuals in roles where effective cold outreach is essential:

  • Business Development Professionals: Those responsible for identifying and engaging potential clients or partners.
  • Sales Teams: Salespersons aiming to connect with new prospects and convert them into customers.
  • Entrepreneurs: Startup founders seeking to expand their network and secure partnerships through strategic outreach.


The Cold Outreach Course follows a dynamic methodology that focuses on equipping participants with practical skills to master cold outreach:

  • Strategic Approach: The course emphasizes understanding the psychology of cold outreach and teaches participants how to craft personalized messages.
  • Interactive Role-Plays: Participants engage in role-playing exercises to simulate real-life cold outreach scenarios and develop effective communication techniques.
  • Feedback and Improvement: Facilitators provide personalized feedback to help participants refine their cold outreach strategies and improve their success rates.
  • Data-Driven Insights: The course incorporates data-driven techniques to optimize outreach efforts, including tracking and analyzing key performance indicators.


Successful completion of the Cold Outreach Course leads to specific outcomes that can impact business development positively:

  • Enhanced Outreach Skills: Participants become skilled in crafting compelling cold outreach messages and effectively communicating their value proposition.
  • Increased Response Rates: Improved outreach techniques result in higher response rates from potential clients or partners.
  • Improved Conversion: Participants learn strategies to convert cold leads into warm prospects and ultimately, successful partnerships.
  • Data-Driven Optimization: Participants can use data-driven insights to refine their cold outreach strategies and continuously improve their success rates.


The price for this course is EUR 249.

Course by The BD School


5 – International Business Expansion Course

This International business course at the INSEAD teaches participants to analyze the current forces of globalization and determine successful business techniques that transcend boundaries. You will learn how global business works and how to get outstanding international results through innovation and network expertise.

Who Is the Course For?

  • International business leaders, C-level & senior executives looking to expand internationally their organization
  • Experienced executives expanding their organization’s impact with a multi-country strategy.
  • Managers and business consultants looking to expand further their mastery of global business development.


This course format is 100% online and has live sessions.

Duration: 6 weeks. With Certificate of Achievement

  • Video Lectures on-demand
  • Optional Self-Study
  • Assignments with support and feedback
  • Live Sessions with mentors and coaches
  • Playbooks and Tools with detailed instructions
  • Latest trends and insights from Business leaders
  • Hands-on sessions with the latest strategies and tools
  • Course Project to demonstrate mastery of the knowledge acquired
  • Award-winning global business case studies from multiple organizations leading


At the end of the course you will be able to:

  • Apply an international business strategy to your organization
  • Develop a game-changing approach to global strategy using executive frameworks
  • Explore global business parameters and their impact on decision-making and international strategy
  • Analyze global markets and how to leverage them to facilitate business expansion
  • Analyze and build worldwide partnerships.


The price of this course is EUR 1,771.00

Course given by INSEAD


6 – Business Development Diploma Course

Business Development Diploma Course

The European Diploma in International Business Development course helps business professionals to with the latest digital business techniques, Innovations and Entrepreneurship frameworks, and Marketing techniques to take business development to the next level.

Who Is the Course For?

  • Aspiring Business Developers: Those seeking to enter the business development field and lay a strong foundation.
  • Business Development Professionals: such as BDRs looking to improve their business development techniques.
  • Sales professionals: such as SDRs who want to improve their business development skills.

Methodology and modules

This course format is online and has a final practical project. With Certificate of Achievement

Duration: 6 months.

  • Digital Business Models
  • Digital Innovation and Entrepreneurship
  • Social Media for Marketing
  • Case Analysis


The price of this course is EUR 790.

Course by ISAAS


7 – Business Planning and Forecasting Course

Business Planning and Forecasting Course

With the Business Planning and Forecasting course at Cornell University, you will learn to discover and set a business strategy to make your organization an outstanding player in the market. Providing value to your customers will be the core of this course as well as understanding the roadmap that will take the business to sustainable growth.

Who Is the Course For?

  • New business development managers
  • Sales and any professional looking to improve their business development skills
  • Professionals with work experience but no formal business training
  • Professionals transitioning into roles within a corporate environment
  • Small business owners and entrepreneurs

Entry Requirements

To enrol in this course you need to have had experience or training in:

  • Finance and Accounting Principles
  • Marketing Fundamentals


  • 100% online, instructor-led
  • 2 weeks, 4-6 hours per week
  • With Certificate of Achievement


  • Define generic business strategies and position firms in their competitive environments
  • Identify and describe the activities of the value chain
  • Create a SWOT diagram for a firm
  • Prioritize stakeholder and shareholder expectations


By request at this link

Course by University of Cornell


What methods of study are available for Business development courses?

E-learning Training

  • Online training: Programs that are fully or partially given via online platforms, such as websites, web-based applications, or dedicated learning management systems. Online business training programs are often highly interactive, with on-demand podcasts, audio and video recordings and video recordings, interactive test, and chat or discussion forums for students to connect and learn together.
  • Example of an online business development course: Business Development Manager Course – with Certification
  • Online 1-on-1 business sessions: Apart from on-demand content for students in online business training, it is possible to find 1-on-1 sessions where the trainers or the mentors will provide feedback and practical business tips to the professionals following the business programs.
  • Example of online 1-on-1 business training sessions: LinkedIn for Business Development

In-Person Training

  • For companies looking to train an entire team on business development, there are programs that provide in-person training at request. This type of business training program is fully customized to the business needs.
  • Example of an in-person business training: Business Development Professional (Corporate Training)

Business Development Training Case Studies

Business Development for Startups

Equidam is an online platform for startup valuation. Their technology enables entrepreneurs and investors to truly understand what drives their valuation, transparently discuss it, and make good equity decisions.

We trained Equidam’s founder along with their only business development manager. The main challenge for Equidam was to structure its business development activities and build a scalable playbook. Until that point, business development was mostly based on intuitions based on past experience.

We worked together for 5 weeks during which we helped Equidam better understand their market and customers. We then used the insights from the research to:

  • Design new value propositions
  • Create new growth initiatives for the mid to long-term growth of the company
  • Build a playbook to scale business development activities

The training helped Equidam build solid foundations, structure business development activities based on data, and develop a strong growth strategy.

Corporate Business Development

Saint-Gobain is a French multinational corporation, founded in 1665. Saint-Gobain designs manufactures, and distributes materials and services for the construction and industrial market.

We trained Saint-Gobain’s international business development team across 3 countries. The main challenge for Saint-Gobain was to integrate new technologies and channels in its business development strategy in order to keep its competitive edge in the market.

We worked together with the team for 6 months during which we helped Saint-Gobain:

  • Build a growth mindset in the team
  • Discover new customer acquisition channels
  • Integrate new technologies in the day-to-day activities

The training helped Saint-Gobain modernize its approach to business development, improving the team's efficiency and performance.

Business Development for SaaS

Babbel is a German subscription-based language-learning software and e-learning platform. Babbel has around 450 full-time employees and freelancers-

We trained Babbel’s international business development team. The main challenge for Babbel was to adapt their business development strategy to new markets for example Italy. Until that point, they used the same customer acquisition strategy that worked in other markets. However, they realized they needed a more localized approach to win in new markets.

We hosted a 2-day training during which we helped Babbel:

  • Understand their customer's needs and preferences in different markets
  • Develop a cold outreach strategy specific to the Italian market
  • Improve communication skills for better results

The training helped Babbel customize its business development approach and generate more leads in its new markets.

Ready to level up your business development skills?

Check all our business development courses:

📘 Business Development Courses


What Business development courses can I study?

You have to choose your business development course depending on your goals and experience. If you are an experienced business professional, then go for business courses that teach international expansion or leadership skills. If your experience in business is rather junior you can go for enhanced business development skills such as business negotiation courses or networking training.

What is the price of a business development course?

The cost of a business development course can fluctuate significantly depending on the duration of the course and the level of specialized knowledge required. Basic courses may start as low as EUR 14.95, while more advanced courses can cost as much as EUR 2,000 or even more. It is advisable to review the curricula and qualifications of the teaching staff before committing to any course as it can make a great difference in terms of the skill set developed after the course has been completed.

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