20 tips to increase work productivity

January 4, 2023
20 tips to increase work productivity

Looking for ways to increase your work productivity? Here are 20 things you can do right now to achieve greater outcomes with your work.Productivity in the workplace depends on many factors. Some days, it’s a result of motivation. On others, you’re doing everything right, but you’re not managing to create growth for your business. On other days, you might struggle to finish your tasks because of external distractions.Business development isn’t an easy journey. From time to time, you won’t manage to be as productive as you want to be.However, with this guide, you’ll have 20 new ways to improve your work productivity. Whether you work in an office or remotely, they’ll help you structure your workflow. And teach you how to complete your daily tasks.

1 – Categorize your tasks

Your tasks should always be categorized. This can be based on deadlines or urgency. Or how long they take to complete. And how efficient you’re with them. For example, are you spending hours on activities that you can do in less time? It’s worth identifying how you can simplify processes. This will save you time.Time blocking can be a very helpful framework in this case. Allocate a specific time for each task. Spend most of your time doing the most difficult and important tasks. Then, continue working on the less urgent ones.

2 – Avoid distractions

The majority of employees today are distracted while working. Constant phone notifications, social media updates, or phone calls can be a detriment to your workflow. In the past, I used to keep pretty much all of my technological devices on my work desk.Later on, it became distracting that I had to find a solution for it. What I do now is to keep my phone away when I’m doing my activities. I check it every hour or so, instead of every few minutes like many people do. In this way, I’m able to maintain my focus and still do quality work.

3 – Take short breaks

Removing devices from your workspace has its perks. You don’t have to think about social media or receive notifications that won’t do you any good. Take this a step further and include regular short breaks in your work routine.This can be as easy as taking a few minutes off to drink your favorite smoothie, walk for a bit, or simply read quotes that inspire you.

4 – Listen to music

If you want to have more work productivity, turn to Spotify. The app isn’t just about workout hits or sad policeman anthems. There are so many great work playlists that help you focus and feel more inspired.Here are some examples I’d recommend you try out:

5 – Foster quality communication

Your work relations and communication affects work productivity. Especially if you work from home. Spending hours and hours in front of a computer screen can make you feel lonely and uninspired.Chat with your coworkers from time to time during the day. Ask them how their day’s going or what plans they have for the evening when you finish work. This helps establish respect, trust, and kindness, which are all components of a healthy work environment.During meetings, speak in an open manner and ensure you’re clear with what your manager’s expectations are. Avoid confusion and lack of transparency.

6 – Work productivity: Stress management

Let me take a guess. You’ve read pretty much every work productivity article on Google, but less than one percent of them talk about stress management. And that’s exactly what’s affecting your day-to-day job.Not seeing results can be frustrating. So, how can you have more work productivity but manage stress?I suggest you apply the tips in this article, but also have a healthy diet, avoid the perfectionist’s mindset like the plague, and don’t try to control everything. Failure is common and will affect your work from time to time. The important thing is to understand how to evolve from low-quality work to more efficient days.Do your work and see how you can improve it. But don’t go into an abyss of self-blame and guilt. It will only stop you instead of pushing you further.

7 – Create an organized workspace

I’m not the biggest fan of having an organized workspace. As much as it gives the order to how you work, it boxes you in. And if you’re a major fan of creativity like I am, being organized isn’t always primary.However, it’s still a method you can use to increase work productivity. Organize your desk, create a to-do list, or put on a timer to see how much time your tasks take. Update your work documents and files so that you make working easier. This can definitely save time.

8 – Increase motivation

It’s almost impossible to increase work productivity without being motivated. If you don’t enjoy or struggle to do your tasks, it’s only going to make your job more difficult. This will snowball into promotions that take forever, a lack of results, and an absence of progress.I’m not a big supporter of the idea that you should increase your motivation only during your working hours. The time you spend outside the office plays a role. Spend time reading books, watching business interviews and shows, or talking to people going through the same business development challenges as you do.

9 – Use meetings to improve efficiency

Every work meeting has its purpose. Some are brief and to the point, while others may be more relaxed and extended. However, use them as an opportunity to learn, collaborate, but also assess your progress.Speak to your manager about your ideas, task completion, and processes, or to clarify any misunderstandings. Meetings can also be a great way to stay connected to the company bearing in mind that most of us work remotely.

10 – Spend time outside

Work productivity isn’t just about what you do during your work days. Life isn’t just about work, so what you do outside office hours counts. If you’ve had a tough day at work, go for a walk at your nearby park. Or simply sit and meditate. It sounds simplistic, but it will bring you more positive energy to have a great week.Similarly, if you want to increase work productivity, join your local gym or attend a class that’s about something you’re passionate about. An art or cooking class? Perhaps a creative writing class? What makes you feel good will energize you. In turn, you can use this in your work.

11 – Work productivity: Sleep well

One of the most successful companies in the world, Google, has installed sleep pods for its employees to take naps. There are so many studies that link low productivity to a lack of sleep. That’s why spending time outside but also getting enough sleep is essential to stay productive.Working every day requires focus, determination, good energy, persistence, and the ability to think clearly. A lack of sleep will only prevent you from these things. So, sleep at least seven to eight hours every night to start your mornings the right way.

12 – Spend less time on social media

Business developers have to leverage technology to do their activities. However, when you don’t have to use digital tools, avoid using your phone. It can be distracting and take much time off of your day and affect the outcomes of your work.Studies show that spending an excessive amount of time using social media affects attention but also productivity and absorbing information.

13 – Watch inspirational videos

One of the best things to do to improve work productivity is to get inspired if you lack inspiration. If you’re not motivated to do your tasks, it’s a problem that can be fixed. Find a topic you’re passionate about and do a Google search.You’ll come across many videos that explain how to overcome your work challenges. But also how to find purpose in the work that you do.

14 – Do something creative

Creativity is one of the most advantageous skills to have in business development. It helps you think out of the box, solve problems, and drive innovation. However, there are days when you won’t feel as creative as you want to be.If you’re struggling to find ideas, here are some activities that will boost your creativity:

  • Download brain games on your phone
  • Invite your friends to work on a creative project
  • Paint near a picturesque environment
  • Do an activity you fear

15 – Automate your tasks

Productivity is never equal to the number of hours you work. You can work 10+ hours a day and still not scale your business. More effort doesn’t always lead to more opportunities.What to do instead is to try and shift your perspective on productivity. Some of the most productive employees in the world work fewer than 40 hours per week. You can be productive, work fewer hours, and not do everything manually.Today, there are so many available tools online that you can sign up for a trial or longer membership. Use tools for your work processes and focus on improving your work while still automating tasks.

16 – Hang out with your friends

We’re all social beings. It’s unwise to sit behind a computer every day and never make time to socialize with others. When you clock off work, spend some time chatting with your friends. Or invite them for a gallery visit, dinner, or a fun activity you can do together.And don’t jump to work-related discussions straight away. Discuss things that you find entertaining, and interesting, or that you enjoy talking about. Use this time to reconnect with the outside world and the people you have things in common with.I know it can be difficult to maintain a social circle. But, it’s as important for your work productivity as it’s important for your health.

17 – Work productivity: From usual to unusual

I mentioned before that you should do something you fear. Ever heard of those stories of people who are afraid of heights but they overcome them by doing the exact thing? It’s inspiring and courageous.That’s why it’s important to abandon your routine from time to time. Do something you fear or even something you’ve always wanted to do but didn’t. For example, if you’ve always wanted to try out skydiving, then book your ticket for this upcoming weekend. You don’t have to have everything planned out. Sometimes, the most valuable lessons come from spontaneity and not a life time planner.Being spontaneous can make you feel good and happier in general. And more happiness leads to higher levels of productivity.

18 – Take your pet for a walk

Pets make humans happier. It’s a well-known fact. So, if you don’t have one yet, it’s time to make a new friend!Whether you’re a dog or a cat person, having a pet isn’t only a good way to become more giving, empathetic, and altruistic. It’s in fact a great way to feel good every day. Surely, taking care of a pet comes with a lot of responsibility. However, taking your dog, for example, for a walk twice a day has its health benefits.

19 – Don’t rush your tasks

This goes back to when I mentioned the link between fewer working hours and more quality work. Rushing your day isn’t going to produce the best results.What you should do instead is to focus, be creative, and be good at time management. Managing your time well ensures that you are productive. And also you don’t neglect the urgency or importance of each task.

20 – Do what makes you happy

Business is constantly changing. However, one fact seems to never change. If you’re not passionate about what you do, everything will seem draining and uninteresting.Find the purpose behind what you do. It’s much easier when you work towards your goals rather than something that’s not relevant to who you are as a person. Ideate what you want your future to be like and learn your way to getting there.So, these are 20 tips that will help you increase your work productivity. Focus on your work, but remember the fact that more work doesn’t lead to more growth opportunities. Evaluate your activities and see how you can improve them.If you want to learn how to work smarter, book a session with our team today!

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